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Skynim Sucks her belly in by GusSmee
Skynim Sucks her belly in
Request by travis-lawson

He asked for his character Skynim…  to suck her belly in. And thats it. Just sucking it in. :D I wonder what for...?
Isabella by GusSmee
Requested by NewtonReturns566…  He wanted me to do something with Isabela from Phineas and Ferb.

I decided to draw her like this based on a dream I had once. I think I explained it once before. I dont know. But it was this weird dream like if it were a real episode of Phineas and Ferb. All the Fireside Girls were dressed like this with a blue crop top and baggy shorts with yellow helmets on. They were buliding some kind of machine in a factory. Candace comes in and starts yelling about what is going on. And Isabella is on top of the machine and she makes this pose you see here.

You know... from what I have seen... Isabella only showed her belly TWICE in the show! She is a girl and its summer time... dont you think she might be tempted to show her tummy at least a few times during summer?
Robyn and Aunt Figg by GusSmee
Robyn and Aunt Figg
I had this other idea in my head for a while. Aunt Figg grabbing Riobyn by the shirt exposing her belly.

They are characters from "Tom and Jerry: The Movie". People either like or hate the movie. I thought it was okay. ANd of course who can forget those moments when Robyns belly showed for some reason.

I imagined a moment where Aunt Figg was so mad at Robyn that she pulled her close to her by pullng her shirt and showing her belly while pulling it.

I wanted them to look like the real cartoons but they were so hard to draw. So I traced pictures of the heads and then drew everything else on my own.
Cody Pirate Belly Jab by GusSmee
Cody Pirate Belly Jab
Requested by jaywalken39
He sugested that Cody or Penny from the Rescuers movies would be in Smee situations where he gets a belly jab.

I couldnt find a place for Penny. So I used Cody because he had more belly revealing moments. And I could find a few pictures of him to put together.

So I put him in all Smee belly jabing moments. First the pirate that lifts his shirt up to jab at his belly causing Cody to suck it in.
And then the rope pirate who just points his tiny sword at Codys belly.

I hope these are good enough...
Sleeping Tied up girl by GusSmee
Sleeping Tied up girl
Another requst by squishyhips

She asked for a girl in bra and panties tied up on her bed... sleeping. ........ DOnt know how that works but oh well I did it anyway.

I decied to use the same girl from the last picture. I didnt know if she wanted a different girl or the same one so I just used the same one.
Yep. I heard today in 1953 Peter Pan came out in theaters. 63 yeaes ago today.

You know what also that means?

63 years ago... Smee got a belly jab. XD And so did Captain Hook. But I remember Smees belly jab more because his belly was expoased and lasted longer.

So happy 63 years Peter Pan... and an embarassing 63 years of the Smee treatment... XD


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United States
I have a rather strange interest in bellies in peril, where a character wth an exposed belly, either a fat guy or even a midriff-showing girl, is in trouble, and the bad guy or dangerous obsticle aims toward their exposed belly or belly button and they have to be smart enough to suck it in to get away from it.
You can tell from my username that my interest came from both Gus and Smee first, since they both had exposed bellies (though Smee's belly was often exposed by pulling his shirt up) and they both had their moments when something was headed towards their bellies that they had to suck it in to avoid it. I rarely ever see stuff liek that happening in other movies or real life.
After seeing those scenes, I began to wonder why GIRLS always show their bellies or when would the belly peril moment ever happen to them. I always thought that belly peril moments always happened when someone's belly was exposed, so I constantly been waiting for it to happen to a girl with an exposed belly, or at least have someone give her the Smee treatment. :D

Anyway, I'll just be posting pitures of whatever belly peril scene I find, whether it be guys or gals, as well as moments where girl bellies are touched, poked, etc. I will also make up pictures by combining other things to make up things I always thought about that involve belly peril.

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How about a belly peril based off Cody and Penny from the Rescuers and Robyn from Tom and Jerry, with McLeach, Medusa and Aunt Figg putting them in belly peril?
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I will see what I can do.

I actually did think up something with Aunt Figg and Robin. :D
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