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I had a headache this time...
(If you dont like this kind of studff then dont bother commenting...)

so I am wearing a rather short shirt (kinda like Mr. Smee) that slightly shows my tummy skin and reveals my belly button a bit. When I stretch or lean back my shirt rides up a bit showing more of my belly and belly button.
And lets pretend that I am one that doesnt care if my belly shows or I reveal it in front of alot of people. Like I could poke and swirl my belly button with my finger or I could rub my belly after eating.

And then you meet me either as a friend or random person. And you notice my belly revealing under my shirt.

What would you think? What would you do? What would you say about it?
I was kinda sick. But now I am better.
This is a video Ive been wanting to find for a LONG time! :D I saw this video once but then never again! It was lost... until I found it again! :D
 The beginning before she gets stabbed is how I call the Smee treatment on a girl belly done RIGHT! :D TThe girls' belly shows without pulling her shirt and the knife is pointed at her belly button and she has that worried look on her face and in her voice. Too bad she didnt suck her belly in. And too bad she was stabbed with blood coming out. BUt the beginning is what I like to see for a real girl belly peril with the Smee treatment...
I wonder if the same would be done to the other belly girl in the video...

And here are some more videos of girls being stabbed in their bare bellies. Not that I like seeing their bellies get stabbed with blood coming out but its just that I rarely see girls BARE bellies getting the Smee treatment. I wish they could suck them in as the swords got closer at least showingthat they try to save their bellies from danger.

Also.. whats up with this girl? She doesnt like her belly being touched? Why did she show it in the first place? Doesnt she know the Gus/Smee consequences of showing the belly? Its bound to be messed with...
I had a headache this time...


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I have a rather strange interest in bellies in peril, where a character wth an exposed belly, either a fat guy or even a midriff-showing girl, is in trouble, and the bad guy or dangerous obsticle aims toward their exposed belly or belly button and they have to be smart enough to suck it in to get away from it.
You can tell from my username that my interest came from both Gus and Smee first, since they both had exposed bellies (though Smee's belly was often exposed by pulling his shirt up) and they both had their moments when something was headed towards their bellies that they had to suck it in to avoid it. I rarely ever see stuff liek that happening in other movies or real life.
After seeing those scenes, I began to wonder why GIRLS always show their bellies or when would the belly peril moment ever happen to them. I always thought that belly peril moments always happened when someone's belly was exposed, so I constantly been waiting for it to happen to a girl with an exposed belly, or at least have someone give her the Smee treatment. :D

Anyway, I'll just be posting pitures of whatever belly peril scene I find, whether it be guys or gals, as well as moments where girl bellies are touched, poked, etc. I will also make up pictures by combining other things to make up things I always thought about that involve belly peril.

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