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Dredd Bely Peril Scene by GusSmee
Dredd Bely Peril Scene
So apparently there was a belly peril scene in the movie "Dredd".
The villain named Mama was holding up a knife against this guys belly to force him to say something to a microphone.

Looks like he got the Smee treatment but forced to say somehthing. Unfortunatly he couldnt suck it in so the knife was just resting on his belly and was also pointed at his belly button...

Yikes! I wouldnt want to be in the same situation as this guy! It must feel scary having a knife on your belly...
Codys belly takes up the whole screen! by GusSmee
Codys belly takes up the whole screen!
I caught this when I played the movie on youtube. If you pause at the right time when Cody is falling towards us you can see that his belly takes up the whole screen for just one frame!

I really do think Disney has a thing for bellies especially when they draw all the attention.
Dinosaur King Zoe belly by GusSmee
Dinosaur King Zoe belly
Zoe from "Dinosaur King" has one of the most interesting bellies I have ever seen in my life! And thats saying alot compared to Zoe from "Digimon" who had her belly and belly button tickled!

So just like Zoe from Digimon this Zoe is also the only girl in the group of kid friends AND she is the only one showing her belly button in the group of friends!

But thats not all. Her belly is kind of weird. I mean that the animators draw it weirdly in many moments. Sometimes her shirt is all the way down covering her belly button and only showing a bit of skin. Sometimes her shirt is at the right level to show her belly and belly button. Sometimes it is raise ALL THE WAY up to her breaasts showing her entire stomach! Her shirt just cannot stay in one level!

Her belly looks the WEIRDEST whenever she swipes her dinosaur cards. She sticks her belly out more during the first "dino slash". And as you can see on the pictures of the bottom during the ultimate slash... her belly just STRETCHES! Like REALLY LONG! This would be the most that her belly has ever stretched in the show that shows more belly skin than her in her swim suit!

And Zoe shows her belly ALL the time! Almost no other clothes that cover her belly up! I just remember the Christmas outfit... the ninja outfit... her soccer outfit... adn the episode where she switched places with a princess... those were the only times her belly was covered up. Oh and her pijamas too. Every other episode has her in this outfit... always showing her belly and belly button to her friends.

Here I just chose the best pictures where I thought her belly and belly button looked the best or weirdest. Like I said her shirt doesnt stay in one place. Sometimes it shows more or less of her belly. Sometimes her belly is drawn weird.
Rescuers and Kids Bellies by GusSmee
Rescuers and Kids Bellies
Have you ever noticed that the Rescuers movies have a thing for revealing the kids bellies? The kiids that have to be rescued have many moments in the movie where their bellies and belly buttons show.

In the first movie its Penny and the majority of her belly exposure comes from her hanging upside down by her underwear by the crocodiles. There were two moments when she lifted up her shirts and showed some tummy skin but no belly button too.
I think she is also the first Disney GIRL to show her belly and belly button! I dont count the mermaids in Peter Pan because they didnt have belly buttons.

Then there was Cody in Rescuers Down Under... where he had A MILLION scenes where he showed his belly! Mostly due to flying in the air or hanging upside down... or this one moment here where his shirt is pulled by the bad guy.

Apparently the Rescuers movies have a thing for showing the bellies of th ekids who have to be rescued. So if they made another movie would they also feature a kid that showed its belly?
Could there possibly be a scene where the kid would have to suck in its belly form peril?
I said before that I couldnt really draw.

However I do have these muro drawings I did before:………

So I thought maybe I could try and make some drawings with what Ive got.

I have been editing many belly pictures form the internet and youtube but now I can make my own belly peril drawings on the computer.

You can give me suggestions on what I could draw. Anything you always imagined that involved belly perils.

Like you can imagine Kim Possible or Zoe from Digimon or Zoe from Dinosaur King or Brandy from Brandy and Mr. Whiskers or any other famous belly showing girl from cartoons suck in their bellies from something dangerous.

For those who are interested in guy belly perils you can tell me about those to. Maybe you can imagine Smee and Gus in different situations where they suck in their bellies some more.

I could practice a bit more with my photoshop program that I have. Thats the same one Ive been using for editing those belly pictures from youtube. If I practice good enough I could get a little better at it.

I cant exactly draw anything you want because I am afraid of too many details.

So any belly fans or belly peril fans out there can give me suggestions and requests on what to draw. And I will do my best to draw what you ask.


Some things I will not include with the requests are...


I guess I could do some tickling but Im not that big on tickling bellies anymore. I find it more fun when a belly showing girl is trying to avoid getting tickled by sucking in her belly. :D


GusSmee's Profile Picture
United States
I have a rather strange interest in bellies in peril, where a character wth an exposed belly, either a fat guy or even a midriff-showing girl, is in trouble, and the bad guy or dangerous obsticle aims toward their exposed belly or belly button and they have to be smart enough to suck it in to get away from it.
You can tell from my username that my interest came from both Gus and Smee first, since they both had exposed bellies (though Smee's belly was often exposed by pulling his shirt up) and they both had their moments when something was headed towards their bellies that they had to suck it in to avoid it. I rarely ever see stuff liek that happening in other movies or real life.
After seeing those scenes, I began to wonder why GIRLS always show their bellies or when would the belly peril moment ever happen to them. I always thought that belly peril moments always happened when someone's belly was exposed, so I constantly been waiting for it to happen to a girl with an exposed belly, or at least have someone give her the Smee treatment. :D

Anyway, I'll just be posting pitures of whatever belly peril scene I find, whether it be guys or gals, as well as moments where girl bellies are touched, poked, etc. I will also make up pictures by combining other things to make up things I always thought about that involve belly peril.

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