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I had an idea...

What if Mr. Smee had his belly jab at the end of the Peter pan movie?

Yeha, it happens at the begining of the movie. Mr. Smee comes out and in just ten seconds he sudddenly has a belly jab, where a pirate lifts up his shirt and jabs at his belly, probably because Smee shows it all the time, so the pirate just decides to have fun with it. Some people find this part weird because it pretty much has nothing to do with the movie and it just happens early in the movie. We dont know anything about Smee or the fact that his belly shows alot. I mean, we do see some belly skin when he comes out, and then we see pirates pulling his shirt, showing his belly more, but we didnt even know that this whole belly thing was a thing with Smee. All we know after that is that Smee shows his belly alot or that his shirt is really short, because everyone pulls him by his shirt and show his belly.

I had this idea: what if Smee had his belly jab at the end of the movie? Wouldnt that make more sense? All through the movie, we see pirates and Hook pull his shirt up, showin his belly. Nobody kows what exactly this means. Is this a joke with Smee? Is this a running gag? Maybe it is. But would the belly jab be a pay off of the whole belly showing?

From what I heard, the reason at the beginning of the movie why the pirates are mad is because Hook keeps thinking about how to catch Peter Pan. They want to do pirate stuff, but they cant because Hook is busy thinking about Peter Pan, which makes the crew mad. And when Mr. Smee comes out, they all throw their anger on him. And thats why one of them give him a jab in the belly. And also they want him to tell the Captain to give up and let them do pirate stuff. And at the end of the movie Peter Pan gets rid of Hook and the crew and they all go do pirate stuff like they wanted.

What if at the end of the movie, Hook was still wanting to get rid of Peter Pan?

What if they fail to go pirating because Hook still thinks of Peter Pan? What if they stayed on the ship and got angry because they had a chance but lost it?

Then all that Smee belly gag could build up to giving Smee a belly jab. The pirates get so mad because Hook is still thinking about Peter Pan and they couldnt go pirating. So when Smee comes out, the pirates get angry towards him. And now because we all know that Smee has a belly joke gag thing going on, the pay off could be his belly jab, where one of the pirates knows how much his belly shows that he thinks about jabbing it because he might be tired of seeing it. And sine Smee has control of his belly, he can suck it in.

It could be just like in Cinderella. We know Gus has a big belly and it always shows. And through the movie, we just see his big fat belly though not much is done with it. And then near the end of the movie, he gets stuck in a tea cup and a large tea drop comes down towards his belly foricing him to suck his belly in to survive. Its like they found a perfect joke for how fat Gus is and give his belly some peril for him to go through. it shows how dangerous the world could be for his belly.

Same with Smee. We see his belly alot in the movie, so the ending could just have a pay off to him showing his belly alot, showing that even the pirates are a threat to his belly always showing.

What do you all think?


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United States
I have a rather strange interest in bellies in peril, where a character wth an exposed belly, either a fat guy or even a midriff-showing girl, is in trouble, and the bad guy or dangerous obsticle aims toward their exposed belly or belly button and they have to be smart enough to suck it in to get away from it.
You can tell from my username that my interest came from both Gus and Smee first, since they both had exposed bellies (though Smee's belly was often exposed by pulling his shirt up) and they both had their moments when something was headed towards their bellies that they had to suck it in to avoid it. I rarely ever see stuff liek that happening in other movies or real life.
After seeing those scenes, I began to wonder why GIRLS always show their bellies or when would the belly peril moment ever happen to them. I always thought that belly peril moments always happened when someone's belly was exposed, so I constantly been waiting for it to happen to a girl with an exposed belly, or at least have someone give her the Smee treatment. :D

Anyway, I'll just be posting pitures of whatever belly peril scene I find, whether it be guys or gals, as well as moments where girl bellies are touched, poked, etc. I will also make up pictures by combining other things to make up things I always thought about that involve belly peril.

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