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Gus Belly Peril with Evil Tea Drop by GusSmee
Gus Belly Peril with Evil Tea Drop
I got this idea while making the pictures with Gus in pants.

I thought of this edited picture I made…  by ClearwaterMK2

So I took the face from the hot sauce and added it to the hot tea drop and made the tea look even hotter. Now it looks really scary for Gus...
Gus Belly Peril with Smee Clothes by GusSmee
Gus Belly Peril with Smee Clothes
Because Gus had the blue pants I decided to color him to look like Mr. Smee then... so I colored his hat red and I colored his shirt white and drew blue stripes on it. Also I made his skin or fur a little peach.

And now he looks like Smee... with a even more bare belly... in even more belly peril...
That moment when your bare belly is the target... by GusSmee
That moment when your bare belly is the target...
I decided to make this based on the one picture where Gus knows he is doomed and decided to paste a picture of the tea much lower close to his belly... because it now really does look like Gus' big fat bare belly is doomed...
GusSmee - CARTOON ME!!! by GusSmee
GusSmee - CARTOON ME!!!
So ladies and gentlemen... THIS is oficially how I look! :D

Well actually this isnt really how I look. THis came from a drawing by narutoriku8282:…

She drew me ina Smee outfit so I decided to go with it.

Also because I am in a Smee outfit... you know what that means...

yeah... my belly has got to show... and I find it scary because now the world will be coming after my belly...

I knew the day would come where I endup in my own belly troubles...

Ooh! And its also narutorikus birthday! So I made this as a gift for her!
Gus Belly Peril with Pants by GusSmee
Gus Belly Peril with Pants
I once had this idea... what if Gus had pants on to add to his shirt. I know the boy mice dont have pants. But what if they did. Would it make Gus' belly look more like a target? Like most of his body is covered and his belly is the only part that shows and looks like a target... as well as a belly button on his belly to make his belly look more like a target.

Well I went itno photoshop and decided to draw pants on him. Pants that covered thew lower part of his belly down to his legs. It wasnt that hard. Also I copied that mark on his belly on the final picture and put it on top of his big fat belly before he sucks it in to make it look like a belly button.

Now it reallyh looks like the tea drop is after his belly and belly button with it looking like a target...
I thought about making this journal just for fun... just because I wanted to.

I just wanted to talk about the differences with the Gus belly peril from Cinderella and the Smee belly peril from Peter Pan.

And this is just for those who are intrested in this...

Okay... so the Gus and Smee belly peril scenes are pretty much the same: they involve two fat belly characters who have shirts that are short enough to show their bellies... and at one point in their lives their big fat bellies are targets for danger and they have to suck their bellies in to svae themselves from dying or getting hurt. And they do survive... all thanks to sucking ini their bellies... XD

Thats what is the same abotu them...

But now lets talk about the differences...

Gus shirt was too short to cover his big fat belly. Cinderella thought Gus would be a skinny mouse but because of how fat he was his shirt didnt cover his belly at all. It left his entire big fat belly bare. It pretty much already looks like a target for anything. Any spiky thing could come out of nowhere and poke him in the belly. His belly is already bare for peril. And so his shirt didnt have to be pulled up when his belly peril moment happened. It was already an open target.

Smees shirt was long enough to cover MOST of his belly... not all of it. So yeah... Smee technically is more covered than Gus as his shirt is long enough to cover most of his belly. TOo bad it doesnt cover all of it. His belly can still be seen hanging out from under his shirt. And all that is needed is for it to fly up or raise up or be pulled up to show more belly. And so when the belly peril moment hapened his shirt had to be pulled up to show his entire belly to get a clear shot or view on where the sword would go.

The Gus belly peril was suspensful. Even though its mostly a big belly joke the music made it sound like it would be the end for Gus. Gus thinks he will be burned and starts sweating in fear and his belly trembles when he sucks it in.

The Smee belly peril was mostly a joke. The music in the scene is much happier and silly. Smee wasnt really in danger. The pirates were just playing with his belly. Smee doesnt even sweat in fear.

Gus is pretty much trapped and has nowhere to go. Yeah he is trapped in that cup with no way out. There is no tunnel that he could get out form the cup from. All he can do is suck in his belly to avoid being burned and he pretty much stays hiding. But his belly can only go in down so far. The real danger is that the drop can still keep coming down and eventualy touch his belly and Gus belly cant go down farther...

Smee has enough space to run around. Even though a pirate is grabbing his shirt Smee still technicaly has enough space to move. If he could he would have ripped his shirt to escape the pirates. But yeah he would look weird without a shirt on. Also he did happen to take a few steps back while sucking in his belly to make more room to aoid the sharp sword.

Gus wouldnt have died if the peril did reach his belly. Even though its a suspenseful scene with scary music... Gus just wouldve gotten burned. He wouldnt have died. Besides... HE DID GET BURNED! Well... after his belly peril moment that is... He held onto the tea pot where a tea drop came out and bruned his but. He only got burned and yelled loudly. But he didnt die. At least the belly peril was about not getting burned to stay hiding. If the tea drop touched his belly he wouldve just screamed and maybe even jumped out of the cup.

Smee would have DIED if the peril did reach his belly! Yeah... its true. Smee is being threatened by a sword. If that sword touches him he wouldve gotten a cut on his belly. Or worse... if the sword went right through his belly... his insides would come out and he would bleed to death. Even though it was just a tease by the pirates Smee was in real danger there with the razor sharp sword coming at his belly ready to cut it open!

Gus doesnt have a belly button. Well... okay... he actually had one when he was first trying on the tiny shirt. He jumped up and you could see a belly button on him for one second. But thats about it. He doesnt have one drawn for the rest of the movie. Although when he sucks in his belly it looks like one giant belly button grew on him. And even when he lets it rise back up it still leaves a tiny mark as if it were a belly button. But technically he doesnt have a belly button.

Smee DOES have a belly button! Sure there are many moments in the movie where they raise his shirt and his belly button isnt drawn. But there are other moments when he DOES have one drawn. And the very first time you see it is when he is sucking his belly in. His belly button actually appears from under his pants when he begins sucking his belly in! Did you notice that? Im thinking Smee probably hid his belly button in his pants so that nobody sees it when his shirt is pulled up. Maybe his belly button is always hiding under there. But when he starts sucking in his belly... his belly button just appears from under the pants. Maybe his belly got small enough to make the pants fall down bellow th ebelly button area and reveal his entire belly. In fact as he sucks in his belly his belly button gets bigger and bigger like its crying for help or something! XD

Gus couldnt really suck in his belly that far. Yeah it looks big and round and then gets smaller when he sucks it in... but it doesnt look like it went in that far. It looks more like it went halfway down.

Smees belly went in VERY DEEPLY! Just look at how fat Smee looks at first... and then look at where his belly reaches its sucked in point... he looks so incredibly skinny! Much skinnier than Gus with his belly sucked in!

Gus was lying down.

Smee was standing up.

Smee sucked in his belly longer than Gus did. It probably sounds weird... but its actually true. Go look at the scenes and you will see that Smee lasted longer in suking his belly in than Gus did.

The Gus belly peril was by accident. The stepmother didnt know Gus was in the cup and the hot boiling tea drop came down directly over Gus' big belly. The stepmother wasnt trying to give him a belly jab with a tea drop. Gus just ended up in peril by accident. In fact its really weird that the tea drop ended up directly ontop of his belly. Not on his head... not on his chest... not on his tail... DIRECTLY on top of his belly!

The Smee belly peril was done on purpose. The pirates lifted Smees shirt up to reveal more belly and drew their sword twoards his belly. They were messing with his belly. They were teasing his belly because how how much he shows it when his shirt rises up or when its pulled up. So they thought of having some fun with his belly by seeing what he would do if his belly was thratened by something dangerous. They were not aming for his head or his neck or his legs or feet. They were aiming directly at his bare belly. The peril was meant only for his belly.

The Gus belly peril happens near the end of the movie. We were looking at Gus' bely the entire time through the movie not even imagining tht anything would happen to it. And then the moment happens when his belly looks like a big fat target... this big round belly pretty much stayed the same thoruhg the movie... and now it could suddenly get smaller by the control of Gus' head. Who wouldve thought that Gus had enough control to make his belly do that!

The Smee belly peril happens TEN SECONDS after he appears! Yeah... isnt that weird? Smee barely comes out and we barely even know anyting about him. And then suddenly... ten seconds after he comes out... his belly is suddenly threatened by a sword and we see him suck it in to avoid the sharp sting. And now the image of Smee getting his belly jabbed is forever stuck in people heads. Thats all they will be thinking of when they see his shirt get pulled up... wondering when he will get another belly jab. But it never happens. Because the joke was done at the beginning when he first came out. Its like we were supposed to know that the jokes with this guy will all be belly related so they made him suck his belly in at th ebeginning.... well... at least we know he also has control of his belly like Gus... but wouldnt ithave been a much better joke if they made him suck his belly at the end? Like all through the movie just like Gus we just see his belly all the time and we wonder if he would get the same belly peril treatment like Gus. And then it happens. Or maybe... since Hook got his own Smee treatment at the end of the movie wouldnt it have been better if he was the fat pirate with a bare belly? So that Peter Pan wouldve teased his big fat bare belly by jabbing at it?

Well thats all I have. Have any of you noticed these details before...?


GusSmee's Profile Picture
United States
I have a rather strange interest in bellies in peril, where a character wth an exposed belly, either a fat guy or even a midriff-showing girl, is in trouble, and the bad guy or dangerous obsticle aims toward their exposed belly or belly button and they have to be smart enough to suck it in to get away from it.
You can tell from my username that my interest came from both Gus and Smee first, since they both had exposed bellies (though Smee's belly was often exposed by pulling his shirt up) and they both had their moments when something was headed towards their bellies that they had to suck it in to avoid it. I rarely ever see stuff liek that happening in other movies or real life.
After seeing those scenes, I began to wonder why GIRLS always show their bellies or when would the belly peril moment ever happen to them. I always thought that belly peril moments always happened when someone's belly was exposed, so I constantly been waiting for it to happen to a girl with an exposed belly, or at least have someone give her the Smee treatment. :D

Anyway, I'll just be posting pitures of whatever belly peril scene I find, whether it be guys or gals, as well as moments where girl bellies are touched, poked, etc. I will also make up pictures by combining other things to make up things I always thought about that involve belly peril.

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DragonmanCrick Featured By Owner 2 days ago
If you really like seeing bellies in peril, you should check out my Anime Central 2016 gallery. There's a few pictures in which I cross-played as Zoe from Digimon and have my belly button tickled.
GusSmee Featured By Owner 2 days ago
You cosplayed as Zoe? Haha! XD Looks more like Mr. Smee.

Also tickling isnt exactly belly peril. Its just belly torture in a funny way. Belly peril to me is when someones bare belly and belly button is a target for danger and peril and the person has to suck their belly in to avoid danger and peril to not get hurt.

And with that shirt youkinda looked like Mr. Smee. All you needed was for someone to hold you by the back of the shirt and point a sword at your belly and you had to suck it in. XD
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